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ood Thanks for checking out AnanasDesign as a possible website designer or web­master. My name is Paul and I have worked with web content for over eight years. After my recent move to a small town of 3,000 in Northern Virginia (Loudoun County) in early 2004 from the heart of Silicon Valley (Mtn. View, CA) I am now your web design re­source in the Capital area.

At the start of the dotcom boom I began my career learning from the bottom up, by creating web­sites in a small text program called note­pad. I still use note­pad today for most of my work. For people in the know this may seem rather spartan, how­ever this has given me great know­ledge of HTML and other script­ing, such as Java­Scripting and CGI.

I can work on a website created in any software - Dreamweaver™, Adobe Golive™, and others. Each of these programs has its own method for scripting and coding, thus locking the owner into using that soft­ware and only that software. Most of my clients have come to me with sites created in one of these pro­grams and experienced problems with their web­sites. Software is not perfect and depend­ing on how experienced the person using the software is, one can find them­selves with a seemingly non re­pairable website doomed to drive people away from their business!

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If it's a new website your looking for or just repairs and a reliable webmaster that can help with all your web needs including graphics. I would be glad to speak with you.


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